Why is maintenance of your WordPress website crucial?

Added: 24.04.2019

Well-designed website is never enough, just as our body – it needs constant care and treatment in order to function properly in the everchanging world. Minding the maintenance not only supports security of your website, but also allows you to keep and attract more visitors. There are many advantages and actions connected to the website’s maintenance, we are going to present you the most crucial in our opinion.

Keeping plugins and WordPress core constantly updated

Both WordPress and its applications are working on a comparable basis as the operational system on your PC. This is why it is crucial that they are always updated, especially because most of the updates mean to improve security. What is more, keeping your system up-to-date lets you take advantage of all improvements that may come with the updates.

Website’s security updates

Currently, one of the most valuable currencies is private data. Hackers are searching for easy loopholes in the firewalls not only on the websites but also on your server. This is why you should not only take care of the security within the webpage but also from the outside – from the server’s perspective. Maintaining code and security can prevent breaches in your website, which could cause it be blocked by the search engines.


Regular backups should be set for every website. The backup in case of human errors, possibility of attacks or any irreversible error allows you to quickly retrieve lost data. There are two main types of data that need to be copied:

  • Code – you don’t need to do it often, each time there is a change going live, is often enough
  • Content – this type of data should be backed up on a regular basis, it contains all your texts, posts, photos and videos.

Saving money

It may not seem obvious, but paying regular fees for the maintenance can help you save a tremendous amount of money. Without constant care your website is vulnerable to every hack attack, which could cause it go offline for a serious period of time. What goes without saying, such situation usually costs vastly more than regular maintenance fee.

Guarantee of a well functioning website.

As you can see, regular maintenance of your website is important – this is why we offer all our clients constant care packages.


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Added: 24.04.2019
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