Google recommends: protect your website with SSL certificate

Added: 11.09.2017

Google Chrome and many other web browsers started to mark insecure websites with the same symbol as potentially dangerous sites. It is a part of a campaign aiming to improve the Web security.

What do the security alerts look like?

If our website isn’t secure but we want to process the data on it, up until now we’ve seen a following notice bar:

Only after clicking the “i” icon – we could see the information that the website is not protected. Currently, a standard notification looks as follows:

After securing the site with SSL certificate, we will see a following message:

What does a secure WordPress website mean?

It means that the data sent and received through this site is secure (for more info go here). But here in we have a few additional security rules, consisting of:

  • securing the site with SSL certificate
  • “brute force” attack protection for WordPress backend
  • login protection, strong passwords
  • protecting the site with a firewall
  • secure hosting
  • regular backups sent to an external server

Owing to the steps listed above you and your clients can sleep like a log. All of them are included in our hosting plans.

If your website is not securecontact us to fix it!

Added: 11.09.2017
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