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Aliko Meble
Graphic Design

Aliko Meble is another implementation based on the WooCommerce store system, an eye-friendly website with a designed UX.

.goals and solutions


  1. Fully-featured online store
  2. Easy product browsing
  3. Product availability in full colour range
like agency


  1. Store developed with free WordPress and WooCommerce systems under the hood
  2. Several ranges of product categories with an intuitive search engine
  3. Colour variation selection simplified by visual aids
scope of work

.our work

  • Brand elements design
  • Online store design
  • E-commerce system implemented with free WooCommerce plugin
  • A mobile version properly displaying on mobile devices
  • Full graphic design support
scope of work

.our work

  • Easy products and variations management
  • Mobile friendly online shopping
  • Smart search engine
  • Simple and smooth shopping process
  • Easy online payments
we are proud of it


  • Successful products migration from the previous e-commerce system
  • Constant sales growth
  • The client continues to cooperate with us
  • We are developing and perfecting the store

.secure website

  • WordPress system security
  • Regular backups

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