WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin recap

Added: 23.06.2019

LIKE.agency representatives went to the European WordCamp, which took place on June 20-22 in Berlin. As always, we go to conferences in search of innovations and inspiration, in this tone we would like to share our summary of the trip. Obviously, the most important part of the event was the speech of Matt Mullenweg – co-founder of the WordPress open source software. In our opinion, one word summarizes it:


Next year – as one could expect – will flow under the sign of Gutenberg. The next stages of its implementation – new options, including announced:

  • menu and footer with Gutenberg
  • collaborations in editing blocks, editing content by many users
  • improvement of work with blocks
  • multilingual WordPress without the use of additional plugins!

And technical aspects that attracted the attention of our Front End developer Justyna Rudnicka, that is:

  • maintaining a flat and easy-to-maintain CSS structure in the Gutenberg’s era, not only on the front-end but also on the editor
  • ensuring maximum consistency of the block view in the editor with the content view on the page

As we expected from the beginning – Gutenberg is here to replace all block editors for WordPress and eliminate the need to use plugins in this area. We are happy about this – because we often come across various weird solutions used in WordPress by our new clients who came to us with the request for help with an already existing website.

We spent the last few weeks in our agency changing the basic workflow with the WordPress – switching the basic content management tool from ACF Pro, by means of which we constructed our previous pages to the Gutenberg block editor. Already on the basis of the first implementations based solely on Gutenberg, we can already say that it will allow us to implement basic content blocks more efficiently – which will have a positive impact on the implementation budgets and project implementation time.


I managed to participate in many lectures and talks, the following ones were most memorable to me:

New solutions from Google for WordPress

Google developed some new interesting solutions dedicated to WordPress:

  • Google starter theme
  • API reporting plugin
  • Google site Kit – WordPress backend view for Google tools like Google Search Console or Google Analytics
  • PWA – Progressive Web Apps – this is a really interesting solution for us according to E-commerce projects
  • AMP plugin – a new release of AMP plugin, which wasn’t working so well some time ago. We will test it again for sure.

WP Cafe

A new concept at WCEU, which I liked very much – conversations with people interested in the same subject in a fairly narrow group. Mainly those conducted by Robert Jacobi (who, as it turned out, has Polish roots). Once again, they showed us that web agencies from all over Europe have very similar experiences and face similar challenges.

Building a perfect landing page

This is a familiar topic to us from the inside – after all, every day we convince our clients what methods bring the best results on their websites. During his lecture, Rob Hope in a humorous manner reminded the key issues related to the optimization of a landing page.

The development of the agency and providing better and better tools for our clients.

All behind-the-scenes conversations will surely result in new projects and a fresh approach to website creation and project management. It was very inspiring to continue a chat after the presentation from Shane Pearlman from Modern Tribe – about his experience working with corporate clients.

WordPress Community

The WordPress community, in my opinion, is in a crucial moment – on one hand, to meet their own expectations – it needs official representatives and clear declarations – for what values ​​it stands. On the other hand, there are doubts whether this may affect or even undermine its identity.

Thank you to all organizers for a successful event and I am waiting for the next #WCEU in 2020 – this time in Porto, Portugal.

Photos from WordCamp Europe 2019
Added: 23.06.2019
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