Why we offer outsourcing of our services with WordPress & Shopware development?

Added: 11.07.2019

Since the very beginning of our company in 2008, outsourcing our services were a big part of our offer. It let us grow quickly and enlarge the team.

Trusted partners and long-term cooperation

To us, outsourcing is primarily working with trusted partners. With a large number of agencies, we have been cooperating for many years on a permanent basis. For example, with the Scottish MarketSpan from the beginning of the company’s existence. Thanks to constant cooperation with our partners, we gained mutual trust.

Support for the development of other agencies

We are very proud of the development of other agencies we cooperate with and support permanently. An excellent example is the Irish agency Cliq, with whom we have been cooperating for several years and help them grow from one year to the next and develop simultaneously with us.

At the beginning, we started our cooperation by creating simple web sites and landing pages – now, we are implementing advanced E-commerce systems and integration between other APIs, implementing E-commerce on Woocommerce and WordPress websites.
Wdrożenie E-commerce na Woocommerce

Interesting projects for large clients from foreign markets

We also work with the agencies larger than us, e.g. Shopworks. Thanks to such partners we were able to implement, for example, an E-commerce system for the Dutch branch of Ebay.

Knowledge about new markets from local specialists

Each of our clients is a specialist on his local market. While working on each project for a different market – we get extra knowledge and experience about it.

Exchange of knowledge between teams

Some of the agencies rely on our support – they do not have their graphic designers or web developers.
But we also cooperate with agencies larger than us – in those cases our teams cooperate with each other and exchange technical knowledge.

A fresh look at similar problems

Based on managers talks, we often encounter the same challenges and problems – all conversations and experience exchanges are valuable for both sides, they help us to learn new things and avoid errors.

In short – we just love to cooperate with other specialists.

Interested in cooperation?

If you are looking for partner in WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopware development or other projects – please contact us and talk about the possibilities.

Added: 11.07.2019
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Łukasz Białonoga

Łukasz is a founder of LIKE.agency. He start his work in industry as graphic designer in 2004, developing his skills as Front End developer. He is responsible for building reflations with key clients and securing more complicated projects with his experience.