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Added: 25.05.2020

Covid reality often revolutionizes the operating conditions, changes the rules of the game. Unfortunately it also concerns, in the negative way, the NGO sector. Therefore, after receiving the invitation to participate in the sector’s support project, we did not hesitate a moment.

Mutual assistance is one of the largest and most important weapons to beat the COVID-19 pandemia. We can’t help everyone anywhere. However, we can direct our forces where our competences can be particularly useful. Such an environment is the Web and branding issues.

We believe that we are creating the internet not only by websites, but also by building a community. That is why our team participates in various industry events. I am a volunteer myself and the idea of ​​helping and building something together is very close to me.

Tomasz Swiniarski
Project Manager at LIKE.agency

WordPress portal Development

The current situation of COVID-19 is changing the whole world, we are becoming even more “on line”. The idea of ​​creating the site Edukacjawsieci.pl perfectly fits our optics of building a “global village”, which is why we undertook to create it. We have enjoyed a lot of pleasure in its creation and we hope that it will receive a positive reception.

Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante, invited us to the NGO initiative. It was about efficient and quick setting up a platform facilitating online education – an area that is currently in quite urgent need in our country.

When creating this project, I had a completely free hand, what allowed me to follow my own path. The experience of previous similar projects was also significant. It all lead us to the very short implementation time of the entire project – it took us a little over a week in total .

Wojtek Białonoga
Developer at LIKE.agency

The entire project was coordinated by the Wrocław Central House of Technology, and all was implemented as part of the extensive Tech to the rescue action, in which technology companies support the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) sector. Van Ahn Dam, Managing Director and Director of the Educational Program says about the genesis of the project and what was its main inspiration:

Edukacjawsieci.pl project was created to support teachers and parents, who in times of pandemic and information chaos are trying to face the new challenges of accelerated education digitization. On educacjawsieci.pl they will find information about online classes that they can join with children / students – both educational and cultural. Teachers will find answers to frequently asked questions about distance education. The portal will be expanded with new modules: educational blog, video and educational materials. The goal of the project is to create one place on the network where you will be able to take advantage of the online education offer, and where an educator can learn about the tools and good practices of online education.

Van Anh Dam
Managing Director at CDT

Projects like this and the accompanying cooperation of various companies and various people is a great example of how we think we should function in these difficult times. Of course, business is one thing – we must bring the economy back to life – and it is our responsibility. On the other hand, it’s about helping wherever it is needed. Probably another opportunity will appear soon. If so, we will be prepared for it! 

Added: 25.05.2020
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Łukasz is a founder of LIKE.agency. He start his work in industry as graphic designer in 2004, developing his skills as Front End developer. He is responsible for building reflations with key clients and securing more complicated projects with his experience.