Shopware Partner Days 2020 in short

Added: 30.01.2020

This is a standard trip for me in January – we visit the Shopware headquarters and participate in the annual Shopware Partner Days at Ahaus.

As always, our Shopware partner has prepared a lot of surprises – of course I can’t tell about all of them yet.

Magento 1 to Shopware 6 migration tool

Shopware team officialy presented the data migration tool (for products, orders, customer accounts). Now it’s embedded in the Shopware 6 platform. The tool will be available for free and will be built into the system.

PWA based on VUE

Together with the Vue Storefront Shopware team they presented a solution that allows us to implement the Progressive Web App in combination with Shopware 6.

Due to the fact that it is an open source solution – we can also participate in its development and we are certainly planning the first implementation in next months. At the same time, we are already testing the front end based on VUE under WordPress and the tests are more than satisfactory!

Shopware – we are ready!

Added: 30.01.2020
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