Shopware Community Days 2019 visit and premiere of Shopware 6

Added: 28.05.2019

As a representative of and a partner of Shopware, I had the pleasure to participate in SCD 2019. We met there many of our business partners there and established many new contacts in the industry. Our Partner from the Netherlands was clasified at second place among the Benelux Shopware partners.

The conference was done with a great momentum for a reason. The most important news during SCD 2019 was the premiere of Shopware 6, which will be ready for implementation in the next few months.

Shopware 6

In addition to technological changes, which will be the most enjoyable programmers – switching to Symfony 4.2 and Twig, VUE.jS or a base template using Bootstrap.

The most attractive improvements for the user are:

  • new user-friendly panel
  • new integration possibilities
  • easy to create  prices rules with great opportunities
  • prepared for PWA
  • easy data transfer from Shopware 5. *

As shopware agency we are looking forward to the first implementation of Shopware 6 – if you are interested – contact us!

Photos from the Shopware Community Days 2019

Added: 28.05.2019
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