Łukasz Białonoga the president of BNI North!

Added: 13.04.2020

Honesty and transparency are the foundations of our business. It is now and always will be regardless of the circumstances and the changing environment. That is why we are pleased to share with you that Łukasz Białonoga, CEO of like.agency, has become the president of the BNI North group, which has started  its activity.

BNI is a global business organization which history dates back to 1984. Its members are thousands of companies around the world. It has been operating in Poland since 2006, currently associating over 2,500 entities from the SME sector in 30 cities.

Its primary goal is mutual support of entrepreneurs based on the “Gives Gain” philosophy. Its most important values are: reliability, honesty, building durable and honest relationships, continuous development, appreciating the work of members, and above all – a positive attitude.

The establishment of the BNI North group is above all a response to the situation related to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The world is changing rapidly, many companies in our region also need support, mutual exchange of experience and inspiration. Life and work have moved to the internet on a larger scale than ever before, which is why the first kick off meeting will also take place online. It will be the first online meeting in the Polish BN history. 

We invite everyone to this meeting, which will take place on April 2nd and 16th !

Added: 13.04.2020
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