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REVITA DIET is more like the application then a portal, as it allows to generate and customize diet plan for each user. It was a real challenge, as product owner was the doctor, not a technical person.

We developed a custom system based on WordPress, which allows the doctor with years of experience to generate custom diet to each user in minutes – not the hours.


.our work

  • Dedicated platform based on the WordPress system
  • Mobile version – a fully responsive website, easy to browse on smartphone or tablet
  • custom API connections
  • Code and page speed optimization


.interesting solutions

  • Custom developed diet generation application
  • Diet calendar with PDF generator
  • Doctor and patient panel
  • Dedicated, WordPress-based code
  • Mobile friendly system

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.our work

Some of our projects, which we are really proud of! Most of them was developed based on WordPress, E-commerce solutions based on WooCommerce or Shopware.