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WordPress coders / theme developers

We specialize in developing and designing high quality custom websites, concentrated on sales increase. We help with online marketing – starting with Adwords, SEO and social media. We help companies from start of their way – we will design logo and other elements of brand identity. We love to share our knowlege with clients, we offer new quality with web projects development.

what we do?

first of all, we create good websites.

We develop websites based on WordPress, but we design and write code dedicated to each client. This allows the client to have a simple, proven and publicly available content management system that can administer itself and dedicated code, so that his site runs smoothly and is created in response to an individual needs.

What sets us apart is the quality of customer service and communication. We respond to e-mails, replay, speak intelligible language, we are polite and competent, we have reasonable time frames for our services and we know the meaning of the word “deadline”. Every project is run by a team of experienced professionals: coders, programmers, graphic designers. We test pages at each stage of their development, and long after implementation. We constantly watch over the correctness and efficiency of the whole process, and to solve the current problems as soon as posible.

We support the client at every stage – from planning to further project development.

Łukasz Białonoga testimonial
Managing Director

Each new project starts with a conversation with a client and a study diagnosing their past experiences, needs and expectations associated with the web site. We have noticed some regularity. The customers were extremely discouraged about the theme of creating websites, the work of designers and coders, and the whole process they described as tedious and stressful. We asked why and it turned out that the main problem was timely, communication and technical trouble. These problems do not occur in LIKE.agency, we care very much about contact and every single step of the design and development process. That’s why we have such a high satisfaction rate among our customers, and we enjoy it so much. They come back to us with further projects or recommend LIKE.agency services to others.


It is very important for us to have nice design of website, but always we have in mind the user. The focal point of our design is always the person, the user – who needs to find the right information on the client’s website. Without wandering, unnecessary clicks, hanging pages, etc. That is why site architecture, navigation and optimization, and subsequent relevant positioning are so important. Just a good user experience. We know how to do it well.

UX, UI, RWD, SEM, SEO – all these difficult words we focus on in one statement: client and user satisfaction. We leave difficult words behind.

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